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antique letter The Agency prepares, collects, analyses and disseminates information on occupational safety and health (OSH) issues with the aim of improving OSH in workplaces across the EU.

Please note that the Agency:

  • cannot give personal advice to individuals about their health and safety situation, or deal with their specific complaints about working conditions;
  • cannot provide specific information relating to an individual Member State, such as legislation, standards or statistics;
  • cannot look for specific information on request, due to limited resources. We have no information or publications beyond what you can find on our network of sites;
  • cannot give an opinion on, or help with the marketing of, commercial goods or services;
  • does not provide or certify training courses on occupational safety and health;
  • is not responsible for developing EU legislation.

For other issues, we suggest some alternative sources of information below.

Other sources of useful information

If the Agency's scope of work does not include your question, you may find an answer from one of the following organisations or websites:

If your question has not been answered with this standard reply we suggest you check our FAQs section, or you may send us a message via the contact form. You can write to us in any of the official EU languages, but please bear in mind that there may be some delay while we translate your message and our reply. Messages in English are likely to be answered more quickly because it is spoken by all Agency staff. We aim to answer questions as soon as possible.

If your question has not been answered with this standard reply, you may send us a personal message. Please proceed to the contact form.