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Jan 10, 2011
The IPD-Work ("Individual-participant-data meta-analysis of working populations") Consortium
The overarching aim of the IPD-work project is to obtain reliable information on the effects of psychosocial work-related factors on chronic diseases, disability and mortality in specific employee groups, such as those with low-income job, pre-existing disease or risk behaviours, as well as those with healthy lifestyles and favourable work organisation. A total of 17 European cohort studies from Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France and the UK (n = 160,000) participate in the consortium.
NOE joint call: Psychosocial risks at work
The first NEW OSH ERA joint call: project proposals in the area of psychosocial risks at work
Apr 30, 2010
RE-SU-LEAD: Rewarding and Sustainable health promoting Leadership
The aim of this project is two-fold: first, to find out which facets of leaders’ behaviour are of special importance to sustain the well-being and health of the team members or subordinates; second, to find out, if this behaviour can be successfully trained. Leaders’ behaviour is known to be one of the most common sources of work-related well-being or stress.
PSYRES: Psychological health and well-being in restructuring: key effects and mechanisms
Despite the great research interest in restructuring in terms of productivity and innovation, investigations of the effects on employees have been neglected. Restructuring can be defined as organisational changes that are much more significant than commonplace changes, i.e. they influence the work of an entire organisation or a whole organisational sector rather than focusing on peripheral changes in working practices (Kieselbach et al., 2009).
Apr 29, 2010
NEW OSH ERA Final Conference. Berlin, February 2010
The aim of the conference was to present the results of the project and to discuss possible future activities beyond the ERA-NET. Accordingly, the endorsement of the joint action plan took place during the conference.
NEW OSH ERA Mid-term Conference. Krakow, May 2008
The aim of the NEW OSH ERA Mid-term Conference was to present the first results of the project, to discuss further ideas with a broader audience including representatives of social partners, policy makers of national and EU level, OSH experts, and potential future Members of NEW OSH ERA Consortium, and to endorse the Memorandum of Common Understanding, defining future directions for NEW OSH ERA project. The conference was being organised by CIOP-PIB, the Polish Member of the NEW OSH ERA consortium, and was held in the Radisson SAS hotel in Krakow, Poland on 29-30 May 2008.
NEW OSH ERA Forum on new and emerging risks at work - "Towards a sustainable working life". Brussels, October 2009
The NEW OSH ERA network launched its “Forum on new and emerging OSH risks”, which is planned to be an annual event. The first Forum was held in Brussels, on 29-30 October 2009, with the title “Towards a sustainable working life”. The aim of the Forum was to promote exchange of information on new and emerging risks at work and to increase awareness of the importance of research into new and emerging risks.
Apr 27, 2010
Apr 26, 2010
NEW OSH ERA Newsletter
Sep 01, 2009
Partners’ research databases
Partners’ research databases
Jun 17, 2009
Call Secretariat responses to requests for clarification
Welcome to the Call Secretariat responses to requests for clarification relating the NEW OSH ERA Call on psychosocial risks at work. We invite you to consult this section regularly.